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First Game: May 26th, 2023








Announcement: Get Ready for Collegiate Baseball!

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Team Roster

The initial team roster has been released for the summer 2023 Sawtooth Sockeyes. Click to view roster.

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Sawtooth Sports Training is a multi-sport club facility for athletes to further themselves in athletics. Here at Sawtooth we offer strength training, skills training, professional nutrition advice, sports psychology, and team clubs for basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball & football conditioning . Our goal at Sawtooth Sports Training is to develop the athlete in and out of the gym, focusing on making you a stronger and better athlete and person.

A New Flagship Collegiate Baseball Team from Sawtooth Sports

This Summer 2023 begins a new adventure in the treasure valley where exceptional collegiate level baseball players will develop their skills and compete against other top collegiate teams from around the Western U.S.

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